About Us

Hello Guwahati is a Guwahati-based 24X7 New Media a unit of Pinnacle Media Agency led by an alumnus of Tezpur University which covers Guwahati City specifically in every possible.

Hello Guwahati is especially covering all Northeastern news in the National section and also has a separate section for the capital city New Delhi.

Inside Guwahati a special section launched by Hello Guwahati a platform created for the interested promoters and companies to promote digitally among the online audience.

Hello Guwahati is completely active in social platforms in Facebook, Facebook Group, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Hello Guwahati is powered by Sigma Design India.

It’s a platform from the biggest & the busiest hub of NE India.

Why unique?

This is the first-ever regional platform to cover NE stories as National news.
Also, the first to offer a separate section exclusively for advertising purposes for the companies to promote their brands.

NEW IN THE CITY, a section that covers something that is completely new and fresh. For people who want to promote their upcoming or new business or brands, it will definitely be a good option.